Whistler Blackcomb Coca-Cola ®/™ Tube Park

Technical details

Access Located in the Base 2 Zone on Blackcomb Mountain. Guests can take a FREE ride up the Excalibur Gondola from Whistler Village to the Tube Park.
Lanes There are seven lanes including a Tots Mini Slide area for kids under 36" tall.
Difficulty Each lane varies in difficulty from Green, Blue to Black.
Length Lanes are 1000 feet long and include a state-of-the-art conveyor lift which makes travelling to the top a breeze.
Food Euro Snack Bar at the bottom of the Tube Park, selling frog dogs, Belgian waffles and hot chocolate/coffee.
Constructing the Park It takes a specialized groomer operator at least 10 to 14 hours to initially build the park and is maintained daily by a specialized Grooming Cat (Park Cat) with a custom tiller to groom and maintain the park lanes. It also takes 5 to 8 feet of snow to build up the end of the run out lanes.
Fencing There is over 2000 feet of Coca Cola fencing around the Tube Park that are put up each season.
Tube Train The largest linked group down the lanes included 22 guests this was allowed only when conditions permitted and with staff approval.


Located in the Base 2 Zone on Blackcomb Mountain, the Coca-Cola ®/™ Tube Park offers excitement for the whole family and an exhilarating snow slide alternative to skiing or snowboarding.  There's no skill or equipment required - just a sense of adventure, a little bit of courage and maybe a push.

Tube Under the Stars

Family fun doesn't have to end when the ski lifts close. Whistler Blackcomb’s Coca-Cola ®/™ Tube Park is open well into the evening, closing nightly at 8pm. This means there is plenty of time at night for sliding and hot chocolate at the Tube Park’s Euro Snack Bar. Kids young and old can test out all seven lanes, each 1000 feet long. Once at the bottom, take a quick ride on the park’s state-of-the-art conveyor lift that whisks guests back to the top in no time.

Tubing: An Action Packed Alternative to Skiing or Snowboarding

Guests can give their legs a break from skiing or snowboarding all day and hang out at the Whistler Blackcomb Coca-Cola ®/™ Tube Park. I’s the perfect exhilarating snow sliding alternative to hitting the slopes. Fun for the whole family, the Tube Park provides a safe and adrenaline-charged environment where speed is more important than skill. Kids and adults of all ages are encouraged to slide and those under 36 inches tall can spend a day ripping down the Tots Mini Slide area.