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Forty to sixty black bears, from approximately eight resident families, call Whistler Blackcomb home. Their diet consists primarily of berries that are usually plentiful in the ski runs and forested areas on Whistler Blackcomb. Spot them from the chairlifts and gondolas or take a guided bear tour from the comfort and safety of a 4X4 vehicle. 


One of Whistler Blackcomb’s most famous residents is the Whistling Marmot. Found in high alpine areas, this giant squirrel-like character feeds on grass, berries, lichens, mosses, flowers and roots. While it hibernates in winter, its shrill summer-time whistle was the inspiration for Whistler’s name. 

Black Tailed Deer

These majestic 100-200lb (45-90kg) animals take shelter in the old growth forests throughout summer and winter, but can be spotted at the treeline and in open spaces that offer grassy areas for grazing. The larger males have small fork-like antlers. 


Whistler and Blackcomb’s wildflower season provides a spectacular palette of colour from a huge variety of flowers and shrubs. Prime viewing months are July and August (dependent upon snow melt) and are best experienced from alpine hiking trails. Mountain Arnica, Partridge Foot, Mountain Buttercup, Western Pasque Flower, Sitka Valerain, Arctic Lupine, Pink Mountain Heather, Indian Paintbrush, White Flowered Rhododendron are all on show during the summer months. 

Peak 2 peak 360 Experience Stats

Top Elevation 2,284m/7,494 ft
Lift Access Wizard Express, Solar Coaster, 7th Heaven*, PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, Whistler Village Gondola, Peak Chair

*7th Heaven Express Chair is open for sightseers for a limited time while glacier skiing and riding is open. Usually mid-June to mid-July.
Hiking Trails Whistler Mountain: 40km+
Blackcomb Mountain: 10km+
Longest Trail Whistler Mountain: High Note Trail - 3-4 hr loop (9.4km/5.8mi)
Blackcomb Mountain: Overlord Trail 4-6 hr loop (3.7 km/2.29 mi)
Trail Difficulty Ranging from easy (Green) to challenging (Black Diamond)

Hiking Trail Maps

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Whistler Trail Descriptions

Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk

Length: 1.6km (1mi); 60 minutes (loop)
Elevation Change: 30m (98ft)
Two loops of single track trail at the top of the Peak Express wind their way around the summit of Whistler Mountain.

Peak Express Traverse

Length: 0.6km (0.4mi); 10 minutes one-way
Elevation change: 55m (180ft)
A wide, easy trail providing two-way access from the Roundhouse Lodge to the Peak Express.

Spearhead Walk

Length: 1.2km (0.7mi); 15 minutes (loop)
Elevation change: 20m (66ft)
Easy walk connecting Harmony Lake Trail with premium views of Blackcomb Mountain, Garibaldi Provincial Park and the Spearhead Range.

Harmony Lake Trail and Loop

Length 2.5km (1.6mi) to Harmony Lake;  60-90 minutes return
Elevation change: 130m (427ft)
This trail descends through alpine forests while travelling away from the Roundhouse Lodge.

Harmony Meadows

Length 1.1km (0.7mi); 30-60 minutes one-way
Elevation change: 80m (262ft)
Views of Fitzsimmons Valley and Harmony Lake. A steep descent connects hikers to the Roundhouse Lodge from the High Note Trail and Harmony Lake Trails.

High Note Trail

Length: 9.4km (5.8mi) 3-4 hours (loop)
Elevation change: 258m (902 ft)
This hike starts behind the Inukshuk at the top of the Peak Express Chairlift. Hikers enjoy stunning views of Black Tusk and Cheakamus Lake as they descend through rugged terrain that mellows into rolling slopes.

Half Note Trail

Length: 1.2km (0.7mi); 30-60 minutes one-way
Elevation change: 220m (722 ft) at High Note Junction
The Half Note Trails offers a shortened route from the High Note Trail which connects with Pika’s Traverse back to the Roundhouse Lodge

Pika’s Traverse

Length: 2.3km (1.4mi); 1.5 – 2 hours (one-way)
Elevation change: 270m (886 ft)
This mountain road leads hikers to the Harmony Tea Hut and is used to return from the Half Note Trail to Roundhouse Lodge. There are some steep sections.

Burnt Stew

Length: 1.7km (1.1mi); 40 minutes (one-way)
Elevation change: 130m (427ft)
This mountain road starts at the Saddle and is used as an alternate route between Roundhouse Lodge and High Note Trail.

Matthew’s Traverse Road

Length: 0.9km (0.6mi); 45 minutes (one-way)
Elevation change: 80m (262ft)
Enjoy panoramic views along this mountain road from the summit of Whistler Mountain.

Blackcomb Trail Descriptions

Alpine Walk

Length: 1.6km (0.1mi); 60 minutes round loop
Elevation change: 65m (213ft)
A gentle walking loop leading away from the Rendezvous Lodge with spectacular views of Fitzsimmons Valley through sub-alpine forest.

Overlord Trail

Length: 3.7km (2.3mi); 60-90 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 62m (203ft)
Stretching into Garibaldi Provincial Park, this two-way trail is used as the main connecting route to all of Blackcomb’s hiking trails. Wildflowers, amazing views of Overlord Glacier and many alpine lakes with glacier run offs can be enjoyed.

Tree line Trail

Length: 1.1km (0.7mi); 15 to 30 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 235m (771ft)
Hike through sub-alpine, old growth forest with potential wildlife sightings. Note this trail is only open during summer glacier skiing and riding, no return hiking trail is available.

Marmot Trail

Length: 1.1km (0.7mi); 30-60 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 174m (571ft)
This trail is recommended for uphill hiking and takes hikers from below the tree line up to the high alpine. Accessed by Overlord trail.

Lakeside Loop

Length: 1.3km (0.8mi); 30-60 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 43m (141ft)
It is recommended to hike this loop clock-wise. A short climb takes hikers to a rich area of wildflowers with Blackcomb Lake nestled below the peak of Blackcomb Mountain.

Decker Loop

Length: 1.8km (1.1mi); 45-75 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 134m  (440ft)
This trail connects with Overlord Trail and is the best hiking experience on Blackcomb Mountain. Start by hiking clockwise up and into Garibaldi Provincial Park with views of ancient mountain peaks, the Overlord Glacier and the Decker Tarn—a glacial alpine lake.

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Whistler Blackcomb’s terrain is just as awe-inspiring in the summer as it is in the winter when it’s covered with a fresh layer of powder waiting to be skied. In the summer, two gondolas and three chairlifts make easy work of most of the mountains’ vertical, allowing hikers to spend their time, and their energy, exploring the vast high alpine.

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A Hike for Everyone

As the perfect summer getaway and a popular destination for all ages, Whistler Blackcomb offers countless activities the whole family can enjoy. Guests looking to experience the alpine but do not have the time or ability to embark on a long hike can enjoy the Spearhead Walk trail. With slight elevation changes, this family-friendly one kilometre walk is located in the alpine on Whistler Mountain and takes guests on a 45 minute loop that features incredible alpine vistas and, when in bloom from late-July to early-August, beautiful alpine wildflowers that accentuate the alpine experience.

Timed Hiking trails

In the summer of 2015, Whistler Blackcomb decided to challenge guests to push their fitness to the next level with the introduction of timed hiking trails. Using RFID technology the company installed in the 2014.15 winter season, guests are able to scan their passes at select “time stations” on the mountains to track their start and finish times on alpine hiking trails. Guests can save their times using their online profiles, allow them to track personal bests and compete with friends. Whistler Blackcomb has also set elite running and walking times on certain trails to provide a benchmark for guests to race against.


Selected from the entire network of trails on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, the Suggested Alpine Routes are designed to help guests discover the best of the PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience:


The Alpine Vista Route takes guests up the Whistler Village Gondola where they can then board the record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola for a lofty journey over the treetops and across the Fitzsimmons Valley to Blackcomb Mountain. From there guests can board two open-air chairlifts for a relaxing trip down to Blackcomb Mountain’s Upper Village.


This route takes advanced hikers to the highest points on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains and can take up to a full day to complete and boasts panoramic glacier views in all directions.


This 10km single track route starts at the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain and is a dedicated running route offering breathtaking views of Cheakamus Lake and the surrounding peaks of Garibaldi Provincial Park. Recommended for advanced runners who have trail running experience. Runners should also be wary of hikers as they are also permitted on this route.


This intermediate level hiking trail starts on Blackcomb Mountain’s Alpine Walk and flows through a stunning palette of colourful wildflowers and Blackcomb Lake before circling back to the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola where the loop continues on Whistler Mountain’s Harmony Lake Trail.


This challenging full-day hike covers some of Blackcomb and Whistler’s longest hiking trails; Overlord, Decker Loop and High Note Trail. The route offers stunning views of the Overlord Glacier, volcanic Black Tusk, Cheakamus Lake and the mountains’ various wildlife.

Ultimate Alpine Experience Via PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola

The PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience is a “choose your own adventure” journey of epic proportions. Soaring between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains provides a 360-degree perspective on Whistler Blackcomb’s alpine environment, its surrounding peaks, the changing seasons and flourishing wildlife habitat. From Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain, the hiking options are endless. Hikers can access 50+ kilometres of hiking trails spread over 16 trails.

Trails located at the top of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Hikers of all physical abilities can get active in the fresh alpine air by heading out for a mellow ramble along an interpretive walk or by making a day of it and experiencing Whistler Blackcomb’s signature High Note Trail hike. Views of glacier upon glacier and the sweet scent of wildflowers blanketing alpine meadows make a trip to the top of Whistler Blackcomb a richly unforgettable experience. From easy to epic, every hike on Whistler Blackcomb begins with a reconnaissance mission on the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola.

High Note Trail: Whistler Blackcomb’s Signature Hiking Trail

A truly top-of-the-world experience awaits hikers on Whistler’s summit. Upon disembarking the iconic Peak Express chairlift some familiar Whistler icons are ready to greet hikers and their cameras – a giant stone Inukshuk figure and the famed Black Tusk, the enormous lava core of an ancient volcano located across the valley from Whistler Mountain.

After taking in the views, hikers can access the High Note Trail and journey along a true alpine hiking trail stretching out through rugged terrain and alpine meadows into Garibaldi Provincial Park. The 9.4 kilometre loop provides stunning views of Cheakamus Lake and the Coast Mountain Range, lush carpets of wildflowers, mountain streams and pristine forest.


Whistler Blackcomb believes there is no better medicine than getting outdoors and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Nothing is more humbling than standing amidst British Columbia’s rooftop and taking in the natural beauty of the Garibaldi Provincial Park and the surrounding peaks of the Coast Mountain Range. While standing in the Whistler Blackcomb alpine, one can feel our fundamental connection to nature and mother earth. It is a spiritual experience and a beautiful gift – one we must treasure and protect always.