Whistler Blackcomb’s mission is to create wonderful memories for guests, again and again, regardless of ability or mobility level.

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The site provides an updated guide to accessible accommodations, restaurants, bars & nightclubs, recreation guides, tour adventures guide, news, events and assistance for those with a disability.

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The Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP)

Whistler Adaptive is committed to introducing as many individuals with a disability as possible to sport, recreation and therapeutic programming through sport. Whistler Adaptive supports sport for life by breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers as well as creating skills that will lead to future employment within sport and beyond.

Whistler Adaptive empowers individuals through access to one of the world’s best mountain resorts. Whistler Adaptive provides the environment, support and opportunity for people with disabilities, so they can then become physically active and focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. Programs are accessible to both children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. Whistler Adaptive serves locals in its community, visitors from across Canada and around the globe. 

The Teck Whistler Centre for Adaptive Sports has significantly expanded its programs at the Whistler Athletes’ Centre with the high performance gym and lodging for athletes and teams who train, compete and live in Whistler. Legacies from the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the High Performance Centre houses the main office for Whistler Adaptive and includes a strength and conditioning gym, gymnastics facility while the Whistler Athletes’ Centre provides 75 accessible rooms, a self-catering kitchen and 20 town homes for accommodation. The Teck Whistler Centre for Adaptive Sports is thriving as Whistler Adaptive’s base camp for individuals and athletes with a disability. »

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The Whistler Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Program


Coaching individuals with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities, Whistler Adaptive operates at Whistler Blackcomb to offer specialized equipment, therapeutic programming and alpine ski instruction for a range of participants. For those returning to the slopes following injury, Whistler Adaptive also provides physical and psychological support.

The Autism (ASD) program is designed as an ideal environment for increasing social skills, improving communication, building self-confidence and self-esteem in an outdoor setting, while learning to ski, sit-ski or snowboard. The ASD Program provides consistent support of any behavioural learning strategies in progress and leads to further advancements and independence of the child and/or adult.

Individual ski or snowboard instruction meets the needs of clients with cognitive disabilities. Each lesson is taught by instructors trained to use specialized equipment, techniques and adaptations specific to the client’s disability.


Whistler Adaptive operates at Whistler Blackcomb to offer a beginner to expert level snowboarding lessons. Certified snowboarding instructors and staff have worked with individuals with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities to ensure that every experience is safe, friendly and FUN. Adaptive snowboarding equipment is available to help learn and advance snowboarding skills.

Mountain Accessibility

In depth information about all aspects of mountain accessibility – from parking, to which lifts to ride, to restaurant and washroom access, to storage – is available on the Independent Disabled Travelers Information page.

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In North America alone, people with disabilities spend more than $13 billion each year on travel. Whistler Resort’sAccessible Tourism Strategy provides a framework for Whistler businesses to develop the necessary facilities, services and programs for the disabled to travel here, and Whistler Blackcomb is no exception. 

Learn To Ski/Ride Program Enables the Disabled To Get On The Slopes

The Whistler Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program caters to skiers and snowboarders from beginner to advanced, assisting those with physical or cognitive disabilities to access the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb every day. Trained and certified instructors, guides, and assistants help guests to participate in and experience outdoor activity in a safe, friendly, and FUN way.  

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Iconic Views Accessible To All

Wheelchair access is an important feature of Whistler Blackcomb's landmark project and one of Canada's iconic tourism attractions, the record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. Gondola cabins are each equipped with a spot for one wheelchair (with the exception of the glass bottom cabins), enabling all visitors from across the globe to get into the high alpine to experience the awe-inspiring scenic vistas of endless mountain peaks and ancient glaciers. »