Video Gallery

Whistler Blackcomb has high definition broll footage that is available for download. Please see the attached document for information on each broll package available. The footage can only be used in conjunction with editorial content directly related to Whistler Blackcomb and film credit should be listed as courtesy of Whistler Blackcomb.

Please email with your broll footage request and our Public Relations team will send you downloadable broll files.

Broll Descriptions


GLC: food serving. parties, people
Dusty’s: food serving, customers laughing

Avalanche Control:

Heli-bombing, avalanche warning sign, blasts, Anton Horvath (Whistler Blackcomb Avalanche Forecaster) with charges, box of charges, debris, digging holes, charges being dropped, fuses, patrollers planning, patrol with fuse.

Big Air & Terrain Park:

Big air on top of the mountain, Terrain Park logo, Superpipe action (one video includes the sun setting), big air with the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola in the background, boarders/skiers on rails, fire jumps (one video includes fireworks) from the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Downhill Racing:

Skier air over a roll, racing near a fence, training, skier at the starting gates, Canadian skier, USA skier, downhill racing suits.

Lifestyle (Adults):

People walking, dog walking (w/snow), girl laughing, hiking in the peaks, women in the Village w/skis, Snowboard School, woman facing peaks (hiking), guests taking photo of themselves.

Lifestyle (Kids):

Bird in hand, child with a bird, Tree Fort, small dog in snow, family at the GLC, family viewing 7th Heaven, child in a snowy car, children hiking, children on a chair (POV), mom and child hug, child making a snow angel.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Construction:

Terminal, first ride across, cable truck reveal, cable truck uphill, Volvo with big wheels, cable train, cable truck switchback, cement truck, clear day with snow, drive storm, heli-pour (one with Rendezvous, one with Solar Coaster, and one without either), jib rebar, last day at Rendezvous, moving Solar Coaster, sparks, Tower 1 w/helicopter, Tower 3 with cannon (POV), Tower 3 climbing, Tower 3 marmot, Tower 3 w/peaks in background, Tower 3 tightening, trucks in snow.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola (Winter):

7th Heaven, glaciers, across the valley, P2P building, Roundhouse Lodge, Armchair car, helicopter view, inside cabin with a woman, inside cabin with 4 people, silver cabin w/glass, top of Solar Coaster area, Tower 2 w/snow, shot with Whistler Mountain in background.

Patrol/CARDA Dogs:

Dog on sled, patrol in the P2P, Permanently closed sign, dog with Anton Horvath, dog digging, dog searching, dog starting his search.

Snow Falling/Scenic:

Village entrance, snow at Merlin’s, snowfall, snowfall with logo, snowfall with the Whistler Village Gondola, snow falling at night, snowfall at the light board, snowfall at Whistler Kids, snowy village in the evening, general Village snowfall, 2010 sign, snow at Creekside, Excalibur Base, heavy snowfall near G1, snow with a bike, skiers walking, snowy roofs, untracked snow.

Coca Cola Tube Park:

Four kids, kids running, kids waving, mascot, snowing at night, tubing at night, tubing at night (wide shot).


Pipe Dragon jib, snow guns, Wizard snowmaking.


P2P from rooftop, P2P with Fitzsimmons Creek, P2P hikers, Biker at the top of Whistler Mountain, Bike Park view from the Village, girls hiking, hiking with wildflowers, sunset flags, view of the peaks.

Whistler Heli Skiing:

Helicopter landing, guests meeting heli or disembarking, scenic shots.