Thank you for your interest in film/photography shooting at Whistler Blackcomb.  Recognizing the value of commercial exposure, we support Productions that meet our filming requirements. We are a film-friendly year-round resort and host dozens of film shoots each year, large and small.


Whistler Blackcomb requires a minimum of $10 million Comprehensive General Liability insurance for all film productions involving action or activities. Still shoots that involve only vistas or still models require $2 million in Comprehensive General Liability. All prices are in CDN dollars.

Legal Name of Whistler Blackcomb (must be on insurance document as additional insured)
Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc., Vail Resorts, Inc., Vail Holdings, Inc., 1068877 B.C. Ltd. and their respective subsidiaries, and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia.

Whistler Blackcomb must receive confirmation and copy of insurance certificate 72 hours prior to filming or shooting to ensure all necessary internal approvals are in place.


No personal drone usage is permitted on Whistler Blackcomb property. Any commercial or editorial drone filming requests must be applied for and approved through the Public Relations Department. Contact: or 604-938-7668.

Anyone interested in operating a drone on Whistler Blackcomb property is required to:

Whistler Blackcomb’s Official Drone Policy is available here: Official Drone Policy »

Professional drone operators are required to complete and submit a UAV Application Form to the Public Relations Department for approval. Forms must be received a minimum of 7 days before requested flight date: UAV Application Form »

Drone operators are required to provide a minimum of $5 million (per occurrence) commercial general liability insurance and a minimum of $5 million (per occurrence) unmanned aerial vehicle liability insurance, with all of Whistler Blackcombís legal names listed as an additional insured with a waiver of subrogation.

Any persons found flying a drone on Whistler Blackcomb property without prior authorization will be asked to cease operations and leave the ski area with their drone

Official Drone Policy »

UAV Application Form »


If scouting is required, Whistler Blackcomb will assign a liaison for the scouting day at a cost of $300 per 10-hour day (see details below).


We require that a Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Liaison Guide be used on all Productions.
Cost: $300 per 10-hour day and paid overtime of any additional hours.
The primary role of the Mountain Liaison Guide is to ensure all film and commercial production and outside agencies co-exist with the daily operations of Whistler Blackcomb, and ensure that all activities engaged in will have a zero environmental impact on the mountain. The MLG is also responsible for the safety of the film crew and public as well as the daily planning of filming activities as they pertain to on-mountain work. The MLG also ensures effective communication between the film crew and all necessary departments at Whistler Blackcomb.


Lift access outside scheduled mountain operations will incur additional costs. An estimate of costs will be provided once details and timing of the shoot is understood.


On-mountain transportation advice is available through Canadian Wilderness Adventures. Whistler Blackcomb works closely with this local company for most film productions. They are equipped with snowmobiles, snowcats, 19 and 17 passenger snow coaches, 4x4 vans, TV's, 4x4 crew cabs, and trailers for hire.  For more information, please contact Canadian Wilderness Adventures at 604-938-1616 or via email at


No unauthorized vehicles are permitted on the mountain. Only authorized personnel (Whistler Blackcomb staff and Canadian Wilderness Adventures staff) are allowed to operate vehicles on Whistler or Blackcomb Mountains. No Exceptions!


Most locations provide 150 Kilowatts at 120/208, 480, or 600 volts, both three-phase or single phase. There are over 600 locations where we can provide the 150 kilowatts for use at various locations around the mountains (site specific). Any requirements exceeding 150 kilowatts will require special arrangements and costs incurred will be passed on to the Production.  All arrangements are subject to approval by the Electrical Department.


Our fees are based on the size of the shoot and the number of days of actual filming.  We do require insurance, and all mountain access paperwork is handled through our public relations office. Full payment is required before a production can begin.


Whistler Blackcomb requires a damage deposit for each production. The amount is determined by the size of the production and must be received prior to the commencement of production. Payment for additional charges accumulated during production must be received in full before the damage deposit is returned, or the amount will be deducted from damage deposit.


Requirements for environmental protection for film or photography shoots on Whistler Blackcomb:
Subsection to Filming Contracts:
Whistler Blackcomb's filming/photography contract requires a comprehensive site and environmental management plan. It (Production Application) must be submitted to the office of Mountain Planning and Environmental Resource Management 14 days prior to the commencement of filming. The Public Relations department submits this application after receiving it from the production company.
This plan must include:

  • A site map with an outline of the intended footprint (i.e. temporary structures, food service areas, filming areas). The perimeter of the site must be delineated while filming.
  • A list of the number of people to be on site.
  • A list of all vehicles and equipment that will be used.
  • A transportation plan outlining routes to be traveled and parking plans.
  • A plan for the managing of waste including wildlife-proof containers, evening storage, waste reduction and recycling efforts to be undertaken.
  • Methods that will be used to protect ground cover and trees.
  • A list of any hazardous materials that will be on site and how they will be handled and disposed of.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for any substances that will be used on the mountains (i.e. artificial snow).
  • A list of any plants or animals that will be brought on site.
  • A fire protection plan.
  • A schedule for post-film clean up.


  • The production company shall not destroy, cut, remove, relocate or drive over any tree, shrub, flower, moss, grass area, footpath or natural object without prior approval from Whistler Blackcomb.
  • Filming may take place near, but not in, areas that are environmentally sensitive with approval from the Mountain Planning department.
  • Any plants or animals that are not native to our local ecosystem will only be allowed on site with approval and must be contained at all times during filming. Whistler Blackcomb reserves the right to require a veterinarian's letter certifying that animals are free from disease-causing bacteria and parasites. We may require animal control measures such as cages or kennels, or may request that an animal trainer/wrangler accompany animals on site.
  • Members of the production company must familiarize themselves with the fire protection and hazardous materials spill contingency plans for Whistler Blackcomb prior to the commencement of filming. These members will be called upon for assistance in the event of an emergency on site.
  • The use of hazardous materials and foreign substances shall be limited as much as possible.
  • Filming shall not commence until the appropriate plans submitted and are approved. A representative from Whistler Blackcomb will undertake site visits to ensure that these plans are being adhered to.


Commercial Filming
Chris McLeod, Industry, Film & Communications Supervisor
Direct line: 604.938.7111

Editorial Filming
Chelsea Moen, Public Relations Supervisor
Direct line: 604.938.7381


Springtime at Whistler Blackcomb sees an increase in temperatures, more sunny days and less snow. Whistler closes after the first week of June and snowfall measurements are not taken until November.


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